Studying for Dummies

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The other day, my sister walked into the cottage to find my book covered in books and note sheets. She couldn't believe I was studying in bed. Before you start judging me, it's not as bad as it sounds! Though I love living in my sister's cottage and the freedom that comes with it, it's still not home yet. The only comfortable spot I have here is my bed. I explained to my sister that as a rule I try to study at the library because they have great tables and no internet. She wasn't convinced.

She brought one of their old office desk from the  garage and bought me a new desk chair. It's so comfy! Along with that mini-present came this set of advice:

1. Comfort that isn't synonymous with sleep

According to my sister, it's important for my revision process that I be comfortable and open to receiving new information and knowledge but getting in bed is bad news because my body is programmed to believe that my bed means comfort, relaxation and sleep. This is why I don't think she believed me when I said that this was the first time I ever studied in bed and only happened because it was too wet out for me to try and make m way to the library.

2. Schedules, Lists and Priorities

My sister is the more type A one of us two. Her fridge is covered with to-do lists and schedules. She's the mother of three young children (all under six) and works full-time; I understand her need to stay on top of everything. She recommended I draw up a study timetable and even pin a copy to her fridge to make it official. In that timetable there should be times and dates for what I still need to study, which projects are still outstanding and breaks. "Breaks are a tangible reward and something to look forward to."

3. Stop

When I know I have studied and learnt something she says stop studying it. The same applies to concepts I can't remember or understand. She says to indicate them on the timetable and schedule a time, preferably after the break, and go back to them.

To help me along my sister has also started doing the following:

1. She's locked me out of their Wi-Fi (the best thing about living with her) and I can only use it in her study.

2. She's gone on an Omega-3 craze.

3. I'm no longer on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon babysitting duty, only until the end of my exams.

What good advice have your older siblings, parents and friends given you about studying?

Cheers to studying

*I'm the dummy in this post 😉

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