Suiting up for your shape

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I know I'm a bit early for International Suit up Day , which according to the website it's an actual event, but after my last post about body love I felt a need to do a follow up post of sorts. In my line of work I've been a suit since my days as an intern — that whole thing about dressing for the job you want. I suppose this is a bit of a guide to help you — and remind me of all the reasons I should — buy a suit (and other clothes) suited for my body.

I'm not an expert on this, so most of these tips and advice is courtesy of a Harper's Bazaar article I found quite useful. To start us off I think it is best I write about something I know a lot about, the curvy figure.

Curvy figure

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Or channel Mad Men's Joan

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I agree with most of what the article had to say to curvy women. Minimalist is best. Cut out frills because they add bulk to your silhouette. A straight skirt — I've personally found that high-waisted pencil skirts work best for me, not only do my legs look longer but my waist looks better. A simple fitted jacket — fitted but not too tight — and by simple I mean try to steer away from bulky shoulder-pads. Wear a belt to accentuate your figure.

Fuller figure

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According to the guide "dark colours flatter but they are optional." Embrace bright colours or bring in little details. Tailoring is really our friend when it comes to getting the perfect suit. I may not know much about style trends but even I can tell ou tha baggy clothes are a no-go zone. A beautiful skirt or dress with a well-fitting jacket is a fail-safe option

Boyish figure

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For the ladies who have a boyish figure — think of all the tank tops you get to wear! — the mission is to create a contrast, which when done correctly will crete hints of curves and keep the emphasis on your waist. Cropped jackets were made for you.

Petite figure

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Less is best for petite women. Tailored and fitted jackets, pants and skirts are the best bet because anything bulky or loose fitting will overwhelm your body.

Pregnant figure

As done by singer Beyonce Knowles

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Yes! Even yummy mummies to-be need to look good in their suits. With most women working right though their pregnancies or up to the the eighth month  suits to suit pregnant women have increased in popularity. To make this boardroom staple mummy and baby friendly the jacket is usually made with one button under the bust, I recommend that you pick that one as it'll accommodate your belly as it grows.

Trust your instincts and buy what looks good on you.

I hope this was helpful to you for more ideas and tips for dressing your shape go here.


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