Summer is…

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Despite what the weatherman might claim, to me it's summer. It was nice knowing spring the month and a half it was here but I always find summer better. The days are longer and all I (and most of the people I know and love) ever want to do is be outside. Here's a list of few (of the many) things I'm looking forward to in the summer.

For as long as I could remember I've always had the best sleep in the summer. Not only do I enjoy a good night's rest, I also tend to have more naps than I do in the winter or autumn. The sleep is never forced but when my body requires it I do my best to oblige.

To me, nothing says summer and extra sleep like crisp white bedding. My mother took me bedding shopping a few weeks ago and I picked up new sheets and pillow cases just for the summer. If you remember one of my (unrealistic) 2012 goals was to acquire Egyptian cotton sheets; what my mother and I got is nowhere near that but it feels wonderful on my Sealy bed.

And when I'm not resting and rejuvenating on my comfy bed and enjoying my cool (temperature) sheets, doing work for my degree or working out I plan to be that girl in shorts and a blouse. This is by far my favourite trend for the season. I think this blog's slogan should be changed to Sleep well, Look great, Live well.

A great deal of this sunny weather I'm loving is going to be spent in exam rooms, doing final projects and thesis research.  It's still going to be great!

What are you looking forward to enjoying this summer?

Cheers to the weekend!

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