Summer Travel Guide

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The weather and mood has started to feel positively summer-like. I know that groups of friends, couples and families have started planning for the holiday season; their destinations and activities have been mapped out. Whether you're planning to travel by plane (for 12+ hours) or by car (for three hours to the next city) I think these tips will help.

1. Dress the part

This is not one of those "dress for the job you want" sermons but it is a plea asking you do dress for success. If you're going to be traveling within the borders of this beautiful country by car or bus then a well-ventilated and summer friendly outfit is key. Shorts, a vest and a good pair of shoes have always served me well on long and short road trips.

If your trip is geared overseas then you need to tailor your travel outfit to suit the weather in your destination. I remember when I took my very first Contiki trip around Europe: I was 17, fresh out of high school without much international travel experience but I was determined to get into the world and see it. So instead of a car as a matriculation (with distinction) present I took the trip. Let's just say I got into sunny Madrid bundled up, like most people in Jo'burg's harsh winters were, and spent the next two hours trying to find my hotel and sweating a ton.

Look up the weather of your destination and wear a light outfit that you can easily alter to make you comfortable the first few hours in your destination.

2. Pack Smart

You don't need all five of you shorts, summer dresses (or jerseys for those seeking a white Christmas). OK, maybe you might need all five dresses but before you haul them all on trip ask yourself this: do I intend to shop while I'm on holiday?

3. Stay Hydrated

I feel like I always say this. Only because it's true do I repeat it so much! Whether you're traveling by bus or plane, you need to keep your water intake consistent. You will feel better and look better AND your trip will be that much more pleasant.

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