Sure fire ways to get you up in the morning!

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We are only 5 weeks into 2015 and I bet you are finding it pretty difficult to keep your New Year's Resolution to wake up on time? Waking up earlier can be a great way to have less frantic mornings (provided that you are getting enough sleep before your alarm clock goes!)

wake up copyTo help you jump out of bed and make that 6am swim, here are some hilarious strategies.

1. Play Hide n Seek

Get your partner to hide your alarm clock… in a drawer, in a bag, on the opposite end of the house. By the time you track it down you will be annoyed, but wide awake!

2. Power Play

Wake up to your favourite power track to get the good vibes flowing. Program your iPod, alarm clock or smart phone and get used to waking up on the right side of the bed.

3. Liquid Energy

Flat white? Zesty lemon water? Rooibos tea? Whatever your favourite is, use nature's powerful flavours to get your taste buds zinging and your metabolism going. Make sure you have everything set up the night before as the clutter could be enough to send you back to bed.

4. Phone a Friend

Take turns to give and receive wake up calls. It helps when you know your crazy gal pal will be calling you at 6.05 and it's even better to have a friendly chat before you jump into the traffic. Let not your first words for the morning be "you idiot!"

5. Have a baby (or borrow one)

Whether furry or human, young creatures are synched with the sun. You stand little chance of sleeping in with a kitten on your face or a toddler running up and down the passage.


Now get up and get going.... you will only have this day once.


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