Survival Kit for a First Job

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It seems all the career advice I write is dedicated to newly graduated individuals entering the work force for the first time. It's all the things I wish somebody had told me when I went to my first interview, got my first job and entered the corporate world.

This generation of graduates will have the most difficult time finding jobs in decades. Regardless of what qualification (s) you have, what your industry of interest is, times are hard and jobs are scarce. But if you have made it past the grueling interview process signed on the dotted line and were assigned a position then this guide is for you. To help you not only survive but make the best of your first job.

1. Credibility and reliability

The odds are that you won't stay at your first job for the rest of your working days, which is why you need to make an impression and leave a good taste in that corporation's mouth for future reference. Do what you say you'll do and do it to the best of your ability. Be a person your boss can count on to get things done.

2. Understand your role

Corporates are usually big machines that seem to go on all by themselves but make sure you understand what your role is in keeping the machine turning. Have a breakdown of your responsibilities/objectives handy.

3. Come prepared to learn

Whether you are fresh out of university or have been out of the working world for a while this will be your most important and most attractive trait yet. Offer your help on new projects and go beyond the call of duty. Get out of your comfort zone and present an open mind. Not only will this get you noticed but it'll put you top-of-mind when the organisation decides to grown talent through new skills development and training.

4. Take feedback

When evaluated on a project ask your boss what you can do to improve and do better. Don't get defensive or offended, it's not personal. Self-awareness will help you grow.

5.  Go on about being brilliant

Be the best version of yourself at all times. Do your best and make sure that the work you do is the kind for which you want to be remembered.

Here are more tips from the people at Forbes.

Are there any other Corporate Climbers who have advice? Share in the comments section.

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