Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gift-Wrapping Ideas

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Last week I shared what the children and I will be doing to make this festive season happy for others. It's a well known facts that this season is filled with presents and giving, which is why I thought I'd give you a few sustainable and eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas.

1. Shoebox

With this gift packaging you end up recycling and re-using an item. Instead of wrapping the box an lid with fancy cheery wrapping paper ask your kids to doodle and sketch on it with craft paint. A simple Happy Holidays on the box is also a winner. This way you eliminate paper wastage.

2. Excess Maps

If for some reason you have excess maps lying around use those to wrap your gifts. They are different and eye-catching.

3. School book covers/Brown covers

This yet another idea to re-use what you have and what you've already paid for. Not only do you after to the environment but you save money as well.

4. An Extension of the gift

If part of your gift can be used to wrap the rest of the gift then use it. If you bought a sarong, set of towels and sunglasses, use the sarong to wrap the other items. Items like shawls, scarves and throws make for the best wrapping. If you bought a man cocks a watch, stick the watch in the socks.

5. A Newsworthy 2012

I still have a few of my favourite newspaper editions, supplements and magazines from this year. Why not use the food pages of the Sunday newspaper to wrap a gift for your foodie friend

6. Go Naked

Make or buy a gift and give it to the recipient as it is, sometimes there's no need for fancy trimmings and excess.

Use as little as possible and reuse as much as you can. Also shy away from using tape. Reusable containers are also a great idea.

Nothing makes a gift 10 times better than a hand scribbled note does.



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