Switching Off

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In my home we have a small television in the den just off the kitchen. I bought it almost eight years ago when one of my friends suggested that the children who lived with me and those who stayed at the house on an interim basis would like it. I took her advice and bought a small 35CM colour TV.

The new technology was greeted with excitement at first, some of the older children were even making watching schedules. They discussed who would watch what show at what time all of which went right out of the window when they learnt that there would be no television past 9PM on school nights and 11PM on the weekend. That the younger kids were allowed an hour each day and the older ones an hour and a half. They would all be found watching cartoons after doing homework for an hour and the older kids would spend the remaining half-hour watching the day's new.

I never wanted technology and electronics to become something of a hobby for them because I know that nothing good ever comes out of being constantly plugged in. Cell phones going off, emails coming in and the TV being background noise is a time consumer and thief.

My second husband and I usually had one night a week where we could be in the house at the same time and we;d spend it eating in front of the telly, pretending to be spending time together while typing up work emails on our Smartphones.

I didn't want that for any of the children who came to live with me and I don't want it for future children either. We rarely use the TV; when we do it's often to watch a movie on the weekend. Family time is family time. We can sit in the den and talk about how our days were or play board games.

Even sleep experts agree that being constantly tuned-in  is not good for sleep because we end up being anxious about whether or not an email has come through, what's going to happen next on a soap etc. Most suggest switching the TV off two hours before bedtime in order to calm down one's mind.

I'm not completely against technology I just recommend moderation, monitoring and keeping contact/dependency as minimal as possible.

Has technology impacted your life in a positive way? How switched on are you?

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