Take your Sealy on holiday with you

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Sealy Mattress

Taking your mattress on holiday may seem like a bit of an odd idea to you. You are not alone. I also had images of a Sealy double mattress flapping in the wind tied to roof racks; or a bubble-wrapped Sealy single coming around on the airport carousel. I even got a little excited at the idea of hiring a vehicle with a fold out Sealy bed. As I said, I felt a little excited before the reality of cramped quarters caught up with me. Luckily taking your Sealy on holiday with you does not have to include any of the above scenarios. Its as easy as making the right choice in advance.

Whilst the hotel that you stay at may boast amazing decor, restaurants and entertainment, it is important to note that you will probably be spending most of the time that you are inside your hotel in your hotel bed. Sleeping will hopefully make up a third of your holiday activities so prioritize a great bed.

Luckily, most great hotels stock Sealy. Sealy has been in the business for over 100 years which means that many wise hotel guests insist on sleeping on a Sealy. Before you book your accommodation check out this list of hotels to see if the hotel you had in mind stocks the sleep solution you had in mind. Alternatively, if your hotel is not on the list, then you could send an inquiry now to find out more about what your sleeping arrangements are likely to be.

A good holiday = nights full of good sleep and days full of good naps. Bring on the holidays!

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