Taking a much deserved rest – bring on the ultimate sleep vacation

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Its a new travel phenomenon. Jetsetters are no longer traveling far and wide to find adventure, gourmet meals or new shopping destinations. What many are craving is a good night's rest and they will go as far as another continent to find it.

Hotels and spas caught onto this fad in 2012 and have since been offering packages designed to aid better sleep. They promise to help you experience a great night's sleep and diminish bad habits  whilst away so that your sleep remains great after returning home. Packages are holistic including lifestyle modifications (such as better nutrition and regular, well-timed exercise) as well as alternative therapies to correct any sleep imbalance (such as hypnosis and Reiki). Sleep vacations are for the individual or couple who know they are struggling to sleep well.

Unfortunately, due to the newness of this trend, there is no scientific data available to support the claims made by the resorts who offer these programs nor the clients who write shining testimonials on their websites. However, behaviour experts are skeptical about people's ability to implement any lifestyle change learned whilst out of their everyday environment. If you couldn't switch off the TV at 7pm before your sleep vacation, you probably won't be able to afterwards either. Work long irregular hours at a fast-paced firm? You may not be able to jump into bed the same time each night no matter how much you know about the benefits of sleep. The good news? It appears that long lasting improvements come from making small changes and implementing them consistently day in, day out.

So look back on this year's Sleep Expert blogs, identify some tips that could be useful given your particular lifestyle and start taking steps towards better sleep for 2014.

How far would you go to get a better night’s rest?

Can you put a price on good sleep?

Is this the ultimate preventative medicine – a true investment in your long-term health?

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