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My daughter is slowly getting deeper into the teen world. Her body is changing, her friends are growing -- she's even grown apart from some -- and sometimes she doesn't think it's appropriate that I hang around and ask them questions when they come to visit. All of these have the potential to break any mother's heart but not as much as the self-consciousness I noticed in her. The skin on her face gets oily and at least once a month she breaks out. "It'll be three times each term!" she said when she'd worked out the pattern.

When I was her age all I did was wash my face and on weekends apply an slightly inappropriate amount of lipgloss. As I got older I covered the odd pimple with my mother's concealer. I only got into a good skin care routine in my late 20s. I don't want that for my little girl. I want to give her all the tools she needs to be able to take care of herself and be the best version of herself. I would like her to choose to use makeup -- when she reaches 16 --  to enhance her beauty and show a glow that her skin has naturally; than to feel the need to constantly cover it up.

To help her, gave her the DIY beauty series The Jetsetter shared a few weeks ago as a guide. We have agreed to do the full monty (cleansing, steaming, toning and facial) together once a month. It's also a good way for us to bond and have a girls' day. She has devised this skin care routine:

1. She washes her face each morning with anti-bacterial face soap and gently dries it.

2. The then applies a small dollop of factor 30 sunscreen and zumbuk on her lips.

3. After a long day at school and extra curricular activities she comes home and washes her face again.

4. Before bed the steams her face with a warm face cloth to open the pores and the applies oil-free moisturiser to nourish her skin while she sleeps.

She's been on this routine for only a few weeks but she seems happy with it; she's even made peace with her once- a-month pimple (or two) that come with her menstrual cycle and is no longer eager to pop them.

What was the favourite part of your skin care routine when you were younger or were you like me with only makeup for skin care? Please share in the comments section.

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