The Afrikaner Influence – Fab local bedroom trends

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Last month we explored just how the Xhosa culture is showing up on the runway and trickling into our home and bedroom decor. This month we explore the Afrikaner Influence and see how things have evolved and stayed the same over the last 200 years.

1. Bushveld Chic - This is a look that comes in and out of fashion. Think khaki, wood, neutral colours, skins and plush leather furniture. The Afrikaners took the beauty they found in the Bushveld into their homes and have managed to inspire many travelers who take the look all over the world with them.

bushveld chic copy

2. Animal Head Trophies - Traditional animal trophies have been found on walls of Afrikaans hunters for years. Recently,  the more modern cut-outs have found there way into many trendy homes.eland horns copyanimal heads paper copy3. Karoo Beauty - Those in the desert (rather than the bush) seemed to channel nature's beauty and were inspired by the fauna and flora. Today, it appears that we are still inspired... we have just given it a modern twist.

karoo painting copy

karoo copy

4. Crochet - The Voortrekkers mastered the art and made intricate blankets and quilts. The past few years have seen a crochet revival across the globe. crochet copycrochet Love Lolla copy

5. And last but not least doileys - Used traditionally to line tea trays when serving melktert, doileys are now popping up everywhere from bedroom pillows to runway dresses.

doileys copydoiley's love lolla copy

It seems that the past simply keeps reinventing itself. For more Afrikaner-inspired decor ideas I recommend checking out Sarie magazine and images from Kamers Vol Geskenke.



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