The Benefits of no Tobacco

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Today is World No Tobacco day. Though I am never one to preach, giving tips and ideas and tip-offs about great deals is my favourite past time. So on this tobacco day I went looking for some of the good reasons why you should work on stopping the habit. If you haven't started smoking, even better. For a time in high school and a bit in Uni I smoked but my vanity stopped me early on. I worked on a committee that organised events, and in my first year we did one on smoking. Let's just say smoking didn't  look all that elegant or rock 'n roll from that point-of-view.

You have been debating if you should keep smoking? Maybe your doctor -- or mother -- has had a word to you about the habit or maybe you're not even there yet. Here are some of the many benefits of having a smoke-free life:

I think it's best to go through the superficial ones first, because I think we all know the heavy reasons smoking is bad for you.

1. Smoking ages you beyond your years. Wisdom beyond your years is great, but looking much older than you are isn't. If you stop smoking you get younger looking skin. So why not stop smoking and spend the next year or two watching yourself age backwards?

2. Your family and friends are sure to wonder if you've recently found out about a now deceased long-lost uncle who's left you a small fortune because once you stop smoking you will have whiter teeth. Gleaming, beautiful pearly whites like those of an overly-tanned Hollywood starlet.

Doesn't it already look like something you'd love to do? Look younger with a bright smile? Well maybe the next set of benefits will help you to lean strongly toward quitting.

3. Better breathing is one of the greatest health benefits of quitting smoking. According to experts you have 10% improved lung capacity after 9 months of not smoking.

4. I think the most important benefit of quitting smoking, aside from your own improved health, is the improved health of loved ones. So your kids, partner and friends all get to reap the rewards. Passive smoke is proven to increase chances of lung cancer, heart disease and suffering a stroke. Spread the love and work on quitting.

5. The benefits of a smoke-free life (over time) include halved chances of heart disease after about a year of no smoking. After 10 - 15 years of having quit smoking the risk of throat, bladder, mouth, lung, kidney and pancreatic cancer returns to that of someone that has never smoked.

I leave it up to you to weigh up the benefits, but while you do please try to keep your smoke to yourself.

Stay Jetsetting.

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