The Best Blankets

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It's Winter (in case you didn't notice yet). Thankfully, we are over the worst -  the days are lengthening and the temperatures rising (albeit ever so slightly). If you haven't found your perfect, cushy companion yet then take a look at these Winter Blues beaters. With electricity prices soaring, a good blanket has become a necessity at fighting off the creeping cold.

Here are some options to keep in mind when purchasing yours.

Woolen Blankets. Wool is marvelous. It's our blanket fall back. While our grannies knit with it, our grandpas have always been happy to sit with a woolen blanky over their knees. But wool is no longer bound by old age homes, it has been revolutionized in recent years.  Wool is beautiful, luxurious and offers an interesting texture to your home. The downside? It can cost a bomb, may need dry cleaning and is often poorly tolerated by sensitive skins.

wool blankets copyPhoto of knitted woolen blanket courtesy of Atelier Sukha

wool blanket 2 copy

Photo of woolen blanket with fringe courtesy of Etsy

Cotton Blankets. Cotton is loved by all and tolerated well - even by the most sensitive babies. It breathes; washes well over and over again; and is lightweight. The downside here? Cotton is probably one of the fabrics least likely to keep you warm on a very chilly eve. And here is where cotton knit comes to the rescue. Cotton knit feels like wool without the itch and it doesn't leave any hair fall.

cotton blanket copyPhoto of 100% cotton gauze blankets courtesy of Garnet Hill


woolen knit blanket copyPhoto of 100% cotton knit blanket courtesy of Shoppe

Hemp blankets. Deemed to be a 'green', many are put off by its affiliation to the marijuana plant. This quote puts it plainly: “Industrial hemp is to marijuana as human beings are to apes – same species but incredibly different varieties!’’ Hemp is soft, durable and eco-friendly. It is a high quality fabric that holds its shape . It is naturally mould resistant and anti-microbial. Locally, hemp fabric is available from Hemporium.

hemp blanket copyPhoto of hemp blanket courtesy of EBay

Velvet blankets. Usually reserved for jaw-dropping Winter dresses, this fabric begs to be touched and, unlike wool, sits well on bare skin. These velvet blankets deserve to be enjoyed with a glass of red wine beside a crackling fire.

velvet throw copyPhoto of velvet throws by Helle Poulson

Whatever way you choose to go, here's to snuggling up while there's still a chill in the air!

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