The Sealy Big Guns – The best pillows around

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Its always great to get feedback from Sealy supporters. The question I have been asked this week is: "Can the right pillow help my neck pain?" The answer is: "Definitely yes". This blog describes the range of Sealy pillows designed for comfort and support (they are available both online and in major retail stores).

The right pillow is like finding true love. It often takes a long time and lots of trial and error until one day you find one that you want to take home and sleep with every night. You look forward to being reunited with your pillow at the end of a long day. A few years into your romance, you get a little too comfortable with your 'dream' pillow and things start going a bit soft and saggy. You realise that you are going to have to put in that initial effort all over again, if you want to recapture that wonderful feeling.

So its time for you to find a new pillow, but you are not sure where to start. Pillows have come a long way and have made use of the same technological advances in materials that have given mattresses better postural support and comfort. There are your standard anti-microbial polyester pillows that offer support varying from soft to firm. These are available at most retail outlets.

However, what I would like to focus on in this blog is your speciality pillows. If you have recurrent neck pain or find yourself tossing and beating up your pillow through the night then l think you may need to bring in the Sealy Big Guns.

Here are your options:

The Good Guy - The Advanced Memory Foam pillow memory-pillow copy

This pillow is the Good Guy. He is dependable and has a great memory. He knows what you like and will never forget your name or birthday. He just seems to fit your life. This pillow moulds to your head, neck and shoulders and comes with a washable, breathable Bamboo cover.



v-gel-pillow copyMr Cool - The V-gel Memory Foam pillow

This pillow is Mr Cool. He never gets hot or flustered. His V-gel layer dispenses body heat and makes sweating a thing of the past. This pillow's luxurious 'Tencel' fabric cover will make you feel at ease.



double-rest-pillow copyThe Metrosexual - The Double Rest pillow

This pillow is The Metrosexual. He is firm and strong and wonderfully masculine, but can also be surprisingly soft and sensitive. This pillow has two sides - one side is memory foam for firm support, whilst the other is Poly Latex which offers soft comfort. It's the best of both worlds especially if you are unsure of how much support you need.


flexi-care-latex-chip-pillow copyThe Genuine Oke - Flexicare Latex Chip

This pillow is The Genuine Oke. He is the 'what I say is what I mean' guy who is earthy and natural and probably does yoga. This pillow is filled with real latex chips which makes it resilient and firm but also able to offer support whatever your lying position due to its flexibility. The quilted Aloe Vera cover is an added bonus.


natural-comfort-pillowThe Private School Boy - The Natural Comfort Pillow

This pillow is the Private School Boy. He is used to having access to the best of the best and knows how to spoil and look after his lady. This pillow boasts luxury inside and out with Comferel filling as well as a 200-thread count cotton percale cover.


natures-rest-pillow copyThe Camel Man - Nature's Rest Pillow

This pillow is The Camel Man. He is able to build a fire, chase away bears and spearfish. He is definitely not afraid of spiders or snakes. This pillow comes with a zip cover that repels insects such as bed bugs and mosquitos. Its Comferel filling has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. Its good to go just about anywhere.


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