The best sleep memories from childhood

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Childhood is punctuated by superb slumber. Kids are exempt from society's expectations. You are praised for sleeping no matter what, where or how. You can fall asleep anywhere from the backseat of the car to under the restaurant table. You can fall asleep naked or in a superhero outfit. You can sleep during the day, in your bed or someone else's (including your pets). Here are some of the best sleep memories that I could recall. Man, they make me miss childhood.

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I recall sleeping in the boot of my parent's Golf GTI with my big sister next to me whilst my parents watched whatever was on at the Drive In.

I loved fake-sleeping in the back of the car just so that I could be carried in my Dad's strong arms up to bed.

I remember warm tea every morning from my mom and school clothes warmed on the heater in Winter months.

I suffered through our first sleep in the garden. Turned out our tent wasn't as cozy or comfy as previously thought.

I loved sleeping the afternoon before big events like Christmas and New Year's Eve. The promise of storing up sleep so we could spend it partying with the Grown Ups almost always kept us from sleeping at all.

I will never forget the warmth of sharing my bed with our dog Joe. There was something so comforting having your best friend and personal protector right next to you.

I would delay sleep by ceremoniously kissing each doll and stuffed toy before getting into bed. This would be followed by a unanimous decision that all said dolls and toys were scared/cold/lonely and would be sharing my bed that night.

I would creep into my sister's bed when scared and, despite all her complaints, she would let me time and time again.

I can't stop laughing when I think of how we paraded around in public in our pyjamas with wet hair. Wearing a gown and slippers made me feel like The Princess off to the Ball.

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