The Fun Part of Autumn Travels

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Hopefully this post will inspire you to travel this autumn and hopefully in the winter. Not only that -- but I'm also hoping to inspire you travel locally in the duration of these seasons. Forget the European summer and invest the money is beautiful, local travel memories.

I find that it's much more fun to travel in autumn because unlike in the summer you have more options to explore. Admit it, when you think of a summer holiday/adventure the keyword is WATER and maybe an occasional breeze. So I've put together a short list of things you will get to do if you choose to explore locally in the next three months.

1. Crunch Leaves

If you're a city girl, like myself, then getaway to the bundus will present you with plenty opportunities to crunch your way through leaves. I don't think the city has enough trees for us to claim to we know what autumn looks like or how it sounds. Grant yourself this  experience if you can.

2. Treat Yourself

The thing about traveling during the cold seasons is that you get you treat yourself to all kinds of deliciousness. When planning and embarking on your trip I suggest chucking the diet out of your window. In fact, when living life I suggest chucking the diet out. From hot chocolate in trendy coffee spots to eating a hearty meal in an out-of-the-way restaurant --  that's what autumn travel presents.

3. Hibernate

If you are in need of a break but can't take it in your daily life then make a trip just to do that. Unplug from all the noise and spend a weekend hibernating with a good book or DVDs. There are B&Bs and cabins for this sort of thing. A holiday life this not only gives you a chance to be alon but also one to thing and catch up on precious hours of sleep.

4. Shopping

Shopping is as valid a reason (read excuse as an to travel. Imagine all the lovely out-of-town but still local sales you can take advantage of?

I will always advocate getting to know Mzansi and the rest of Africa better above all else. Keep it local and support the travel economy.

Happy Jetsetting!


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