The Goldilocks Theory – too hard, too soft or just right?

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Goldilocks & 3 Bears copySo it appears that Goldilocks got lucky. She only had to try out three beds to find her perfect fit. Perhaps it was Goldilocks light frame and young age that made her so easy to please? For it seems that for most of the mattress users out there it takes a lot more trial and error to get this right. 

Some like it hard and some like it soft and some like it somewhere in the middle. What you think you may like in a bed and what you actually like may be quite different. The mattress of your dreams may turn out to be a lot harder or softer than you imagined.

Whilst much of what you like about a mattress may boil down to personal preference, there are some clever tips that could help you wake up as in love as when you fell asleep. No angles in spine. Your spine should be smiling.

Some great tips for buyers from Christopher Middleton & The Bed Buyers guide:

1. Ignore the bed's classification of hard, medium or soft - just lie on it. If lying on a mattress with the correct pressure you should be able to slide your hand under the hollow at the base of your spine. If there is a large gap the mattress is too hard. If there is no gap the mattress is too soft.

2. Shop with the person you share a bed with.

3. If one of you weighs three stone (19kgs) or more than the other you might need separate mattresses.A heavier person needs more tension in the mattress than the lighter partner.

4. Consider your height. A mattress needs to be at least 10 - 15cm longer than the tallest partner. If you are over 1.8m you should consider buying an extra length bed.

5. Don't shop when you are tired - all mattresses will feel equally as nice.

6. Buy from a shop that will let you exchange the mattress if you are not happy with it.

7. Consider your age and health. Unfortunately, getting older can mean living (and sleeping) with achy joints. Your mattress is not a cure all so if you suspect you have arthritis or a bad hip you should go get the medical help you need.


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