The ideal sleep environment

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The best sleep environment is where you will sleep best. Plan it. Purchase it. Protect it. Good sleep is, after all, the secret to a good life! Here are the latest guidelines.

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1. Go as dark as you can

Even a slither of light coming in through your curtains can be enough to harm your sleep quality. The brain is programmed to wake up as the light levels increase so help yourself with these tops:

  • Turn off all your lights and appliances.
  • Use blackout to line your curtains.
  • Pop on an eye mask.
  • If you really have to use a red wave night light.
  • No TVs or computers should be left on in the bedroom.

2. Go for temperate rather than warm

To sleep deeply your body needs to be warm enough to fall asleep but then as you fall into a deep sleep it needs to cool down. Heaters, sleeping blankets and hot water bottles can hamper this if set too high. Try to achieve the following:

  • Have a shower or bath 30 minutes before bed.
  • Wear just enough cotton pyjamas.
  • Use 100% cotton bedding.
  • Turn down the heat - aim for comfortable rather than warm and toasty.

3. Go quiet

Some manage to adapt to traffic noise, rumbling appliances and dripping taps, however, most do not and end up with disrupted sleep.

  • Close your windows and doors if possible.
  • Use earplugs every night to avoid being woken before inserting them (most will still hear their alarm clock).
  • Play white noise to cancel out disruptions - try out an air conditioner, fan or humidifier.
  • Certain rhythmical noises can be soothing - ticking clocks, crashing waves and frog calls can lull some into sleep.

 4. Go for broke

Buy the best mattress and bedding you can. Most mattresses will be used for more than the cars we drive or clothes we wear. Prioritise a good night's rest and start searching for a mattress that suits your needs. Finding a mattress you want to sleep with for the rest of your life can be challenging. To make this easier go to

Most companies offer a trial period where you can work out your compatibility. Try out a few mattresses until you are completely satisfied. Remember to budget for high thread count cotton linen too. Look after your investment so it looks after you.

  • Air out your mattress daily - rather leave bedding turned down to allow the mattress to breathe.
  • If required, turn your mattress regularly.
  • Wash bedding at least once a week using a cold wash and warm iron.
  • Avoid eating and drinking in bed to avoid spills.


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