The Jetsetter’s Guide to 2012

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Found this on the beautiful Solange's just as inspirational Damn Blog

Hey Jetsetters!

Was that a brilliant festive season or was I just dreaming? Mommy Jetsetter and I are back on home soil and she can’t keep mum about how wonderful the holiday was and how much fun she had with me. The first thing she said to me as my dad became visible as we passed through arrivals was that she “understands why I do what I do.” She agreed that I am really good at travel and creating a good time. Score all around! As you might have gathered, I have a passion for travel, which is why the release of National Geographic’s list of the best destinations for 2012 has me already planning which carry-on luggage goes best with my new Nine West espadrilles. As a seasoned traveller, here’s my two cents worth on some of the places highlighted in the list...

According to National Geographic, a winery inSonoma California  is a must-visit for 2012. Forgive me for throwing a cat among the pigeons but the only way you’ll get me on a plane to California is to utter the sentence, in a breathy Marilyn-inspired tone, “Mr Scorcese, I’m ready for my close up.” Honestly, if I want to eat delicious food, too much pudding and indulge in a conversation about the superiority a Bordeaux blend I’ll do it right here at home . Right, that’s my cue to hop off my soapbox and tell you what travel-related stuff, forecast for 2012, I am excited about...

Istria in Croatia  is a destination that caught my eye. Dubbed the romantic trail, I can see myself taking a romantic stroll in the small town of Rovinj, holding hands with some hunky creature and talking about what breed of dog we’d like to have within the confines of our picket fence. Talking about pets...

Cheap flights  forecast that in 2012 there’ll be a rise in pet travel, though the forecast is geared toward families and their furry friends soon even us single gals will be taking to the long distance air with our four-legged friends.

If you’ll be in Singapore within the next three months then be sure to check out the Titanic anniversary exhibition . Even if your Eastern plans didn’t include Singapore, best you get on the phone to your travel agent and plan a little detour because, according to a fellow Jetsetter, the exhibition is ‘chilling’ and ‘extraordinary’. The exhibition is titled ‘Real objects, real stories’ and it’s on until the 29th of April.

And last, but definitely not least... Vintage looking luggage pieces  are are making a comeback. I’ve always been a fan and think that you should make it a new years resolution to find yourself an elegant vanity case – designer or not, vintage is not about a label, its about nostalgia, beauty and carrying your Dior lipstick in a little piece of history.

And, on that high note, I bid you adieu! Go forth my Jetsetters, put your prettiest red-sole heeled feet forward and get a few more stamps in your passport.




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