The Kids Cook Monday

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Today I made my way to the local food market to pick up ingredients as directed by the day's chefs: my children. They know their way around he kitchen as they often help me when I prepare meals, the only difference will be the fact that I will be the one assisting. My only job description for today's supper will be safety officer.

The Kids Cook Monday is an actual initiative by the same people who brought meat-free Mondays to the mainstream. Some of the reasons behind this initiative are "kids are more likely to eat what they cook" and "it's a great way for family time and bonding."

The reason we'll be having a change of chef at home tonight is a combination of the above reasons the initiative exists. The children and I usually put in a joint effort to prepare a Sunday lunch but we haven't been able to do so in two Sundays because I've been busy and I opted to prepare quick meals on my own.

Apparently, I also give vegetables a bad name with my selections. The two oldest children confided that the only reason the younger children wanted to cook on meat-free Monday was to establish for themselves whether vegetables are truly not bad. I have been accused of meddling with the integrity of the plants I cook to manipulate them not only into eating them but into liking them as well.

Oh little chefs.

But being the good mother figure that I am (and a believer in exposing young people to good things and letting them experience them on their own) I provided a recipe and went shopping for the fresh ingredients. I'll be playing supervisor (with no say, I've been told) as well as the test subject.

Does this sound like something your family would be willing to take part in? I think it facilitates bonding in a great way.

Depending on how tonight goes, Kids cook (insert day) might just turn into my night off. Once a month should do it.

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