The Last Stretch

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I have spent most of the last two weeks in bed. In between Shopping for fabrics, running around town and catching up with friends I also invested in quality one-on-one time with my bed. With the last semester of my life -- so far -- coming up I have made peace with the fact that that my days of laying about in bed have been put on hold.

Most of my friends and classmates have all kissed sleep goodbye until this semester ends. Because our second semester classes will start in the afternoon and run until the early evening one of my friends has decided to turn nocturnal. Her excuse is that when she gets home from class she'll be in the best mindset to work. She also says she won't be able to turn her creativity off, so she'll work on her projects and assignments until the early morning and go to bed to wake up at 10h00 to get ready for class.

I feel so exhausted just thinking about her schedule.  I think if I were to adopt a schedule like that one it would throw me off completely. I feel the period in the evening between class and bedtime and the one in the morning between waking up and starting class will be enough for me to get my work done. This is the best option for me because it won't interrupt my sleep patterns.

The key to a successful second semester will be keeping my head on and keeping my bedtime routines and stay healthy and fit. There will be sacrifices, of course, the only time I will go to a party (at night) is when all my exams, projects and portfolios are handed in. Time with family and friends will have to fit in and not disturb my work schedule. My friends who hate doing lunch with me or going fabric shopping will rally have to wait until the final stretch is done.

How's your second quarter of the year looking?

Cheers to the weekend!

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