The Love List

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My brother's fiance and my favourite (only) niece's mother recently asked me why I'm so serious. I was baffled I know for a fact that I've relaxed quite considerably toward her as compared to when she first stated dating my kid bother. She quickly put me at ease and explained that she was talking about my posts on this blog. That sometimes week upon week my posts are too serious and that they don't show my fun, fun-loving and warm side. All I could think after that chat of ours was "Ok, challenge accepted."

Dear reader, you're about to enter uncharted territory that delves into the somewhat frivolous part of my brain. I don't consider it to be so because it's one of the things that contribute to making me a whole being but other might argue.

So behold my love list:

1. My niece

2. Sharpening pencils when I'm tense, stressed or being chased b a deadline.

3. Sleeping in on Sundays.

4. NEW: the boyfriend's Sunday breakfast.

5. Fresh flowers.

6. Opening a new pack of post-it notes.

7. Stationery. I love all kinds of stationery and now that I'm in a corporate organasation I hide the cute panda notepads and erasers that my brothers buy me.

8. My bed. I have the best bed! Boyfriend's is a close second, especially since our bed-buying-outing last year.

9. NEW Cuddling on Sunday mornings with the smell of boyfriend's breakfast filling the whole house.

10. Paper Shredders. They are the best way to pass time.

I hope you've enjoyed perusing thins short list of mine. What's currently on your Love List?

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