The Month of Love?

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Valentine's Day ha always been cut and dried for me: I do not celebrate it or find it worthy of celebration. Yes this is is a position that has mostly been informed by the fact that I've almost always been single each time it came around and the fact that cute, quirky and nerdy little girls do not receive Valentines.

I'm also a proud member of the "buy me flowers, chocolate, a plush toy or any day but the one dictated by the mainstream" club and sincerely believe that when people love each other it should be an everyday celebration and acknowledgement.

This year most of my Valentine's circumstances have changes: for one I have a wonderful, brilliant man who's agreed to be this nerdy girl's Valentine for an indefinite period, which we both hope takes on a permanence as time ticks on. Said man has been trying to get me to pack a bag, fly somewhere and have fun for the longest time. Finally he made me an offer I couldn't refuse and on Valentine's weekend we'll be off to do Jetsetter things.

My first reaction when we were planning this trip was "will this be like him buying me a mass-produced pink teddy bear clutching a heart?" or worse "an overpriced trinket that is not my tasted?" To which he answered "I'd never buy you  a pink teddy bear but I always want to go somewhere new or old with you."

Well, I guess this post took on a bit of a diary-esque tone... What have been your experiences with this Valentine's thing? Care to share?

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