The Morning After

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Happy day after Christmas!

This is but a short post letting you know my plans for today, a wonderful morning after. After she gave me the most creative and sweetest card (with big hearts, big flowers and repeatedly kissing me as she gave it to me) my girl deserves a girls day out.

Christmas day and lunch were spent at my mother's house. I haven't had a Christmas lunch go on so long six the time I was younger, dad always made sure that it went on well into the night. There was food, love, laughter and family, which are my most favourite things.

I'm writing this post on my Sealy bed, it's 22h15 and le boyfriend is down for the count. After family lunch at mother's we all left for little brother's house to see the tree that he, his wife and James decorated, drinks and to hang-out. There was more laughter and mother's medicine, which lasted until 21h00. I really love my family!

This morning (the 26th) I have a play date with my niece and we'll be going out to brunch, and then we'll head back to my house for craft time.

I hope you all had a wonderful night before and that you're having an even better morning after.



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