The most amazing kids’ rooms

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Check out these sensational spaces. They may not be realistic or practical, but they are what children's dreams are made of. 

kids slide copy

Surely this destroys the significance of 'time out'?

I can't imagine "GO TO YOUR ROOM" being much of a punishment anymore - especially when your room is an enchanted forest. 

enchanted forest room copy

Which child wouldn't want to fall asleep in their own bed if they could sleep in a tree house every night?

tree house room copy

How 'bout a little, calming swing before climbing into bed?

fairytale room copy

I am not sure if I could fall asleep in this Space Station but it must be pretty impressive when the lights get switched off...

space room copy

Had any fun decorating your children's bedrooms lately? We would love to hear how you make your kids fall in love with their bed! From bunting to murals to cute night lights... show us what you've got.


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