The Ndebele Influence – going global!

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The Ndebele people's traditional dress and home decor definitely stands out from the crowd. The bold geometrics and contrasting colours are statement pieces today and have always intended to convey a message.

ndebele pattern copy

The Ndebele people have been painting their walls in these high-contrast brights since 1882. The patterns are used for ritual and social purposes to depict a variety of significant family events... your first child turns two? Paint time. Your daughter is getting married? Paint some more. Your son is becoming a man? Paint again. Painting a pattern was the equivalent of updating your Instagram account.

ndebele painting copy

And like Instagram, Ndebele design is oh-so-hot-right now. Its patterns are cropping up as catwalk prints and its bold colours are the flavour of the day. Contrasting colours like purple and orange, blue and yellow are found in homes, shoes, belts, dresses and jewelery.

ndebele print fashion copy

Colour trendsetters Plascon have launched their 2014 collection called Colour Nation and it's not hard to see how the past is informing how we choose to decorate our homes today.



But this trend is not limited to South African shores. It's going global. And I for one am a fan. Who doesn't need a little bit of colour in their world?

ndebele catwalk copy

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