The Sealy SA story

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This week we get to know Sealy SA a little better....

When did Sealy arrive in South Africa? Sealy has been making mattresses in South Africa since 1967! Its first mattress was produced at its factory in Johannesburg. The company was known as The Transvaal Mattress and Furnishing Company.

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Where are the Sealy mattresses made? Today, Sealy continues to make mattresses (and provide jobs!) in its factories in Johannesburg, Cape Town and KwaZulu Natal. Some of the materials are imported but most of the fabrics are sourced locally.

How many Sealy staff are there? There are 800 permanent staff. This number swells to 1000 when casual workers are employed in the months October to December.

How many mattresses have been made? Over the last 10 years, over two million pieces. That's a lot of South Africans sleeping better!

Which is the most popular mattress that Sealy manufactures? The Sealy Posturepedic is the most popular mattress in the US, as well as in South Africa. Its a mattress with a great reputation for providing postural support and comfort. thanks to its clever pressure relief system.

Posturepedic classic copyWhat is Sealy's secret? Sealy products are made to exceptional standards set out by Sealy Inc USA and its consulting Orthopedic Surgeons. Once you have a great night on a Sealy, you will be a loyal, life long customer.

Where can South Africans buy your products? Sealy products can be found at over 3000 outlets across our beautiful country. If you walk in to any reputable national group retailer you are sure to find a Sealy. For more information contact us toll free on 0800 016 335 or



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