The Star of Bethlehem – Video Gone Viral

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What's gone viral this month? Thankfully, our screens have got us running outside and looking up for once! The month of June saw two of our brightest stars Jupiter and Venus (which are really planets) move closer and closer together until on 30 June 2015 they touched forming The Star of Bethlehem. This beautiful event is thought to have occurred over 2000 years ago for the birth of Jesus. In reality, the two planets are still thousands of kilometres apart but to the naked eye they appear to form a double star.

The astronomical event has caught the attention of both scientists and spiritual communities and has meant that there are a lot more folk looking up at the night sky than before and a lot of interesting conversations happening.

Feel like you have missed out on something big? It's not too late. This evening, go out and have a look at sunset and it will appear as if there is a 'new' star slightly above Venus. If you have seen it and mistaken it for a satelite or aeroplane, you are


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