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I must admit, I was very disappointed when I walked into Musketeer base (my parents’ home) and found it looking like the usual holiday spirit threw up all over it. Nothing in particular jumped at me as especially chosen for the occasion; not one ornament or decoration said it was put up just to honour the reunion of the musketeers and the fact that I was spending the holidays home – nothing. The reason for the lack of jingle bell-themed welcome mat? I was suddenly no longer grounded, The Jetsetter would be back up in the air sooner than expected, imagine my excitement…

It turns out my dad had convinced mommy to book a five days and four nights stay in a resort in Mauritius for us, which means bikini time!  This holiday means some alone time with my best girlfriend, it means I get to watch mommy enjoy the things I always tell her about. The last time my family went on holiday together was by bus to a bush lodge just outside of Maseru in Lesotho. More importantly this means goodbye teenage hood bed and hello to all the heavenly prospects a four star resort  comfy bed presents and taking relaxation up a notch.

The biggest surprise has to have been my father announcing that he wouldn’t be joining us on the trip, that he wants us to have some time alone. Right! We all know that he wants to spend the festive season in his shorts, which wouldn’t happen if mommy were be home – she loves him in a suit. His plans include watching the repeats of the 2011 Rugby World Cup and getting all nostalgic with re-runs of the semi finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. We didn’t try very hard to convince him otherwise, the thought of being pampered by the seaside is all that we could think about.

I guess I could feel it in my Jetsetter bones that there was possibility, that a holiday in a beautiful place by plane was something that could still happen in the summer of 2011. The last summer of my youth seeing as I will be 30 next summer, eek! My packed designer suitcase has been beside my wardrobe waiting for that call, and it came.

Sunscreen:  check

Straw hat: check 

Designer Sunnies: check

Beach buddy: check

Excitement levels: through the roof!




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