The Top 5 Sleep Over ideas for Tweens

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Sleep Overs are where life-long loyalties are forged. Playground buddies become inseparable besties thanks to the power of unforgettable fun. If you find yourself with a 'tween' in the house, here are the Top 5 Sleep Over Ideas Ever.

1. The Bake Off - Boys and girls will love this hands-on, do-it-yourself dinner and dessert. You can stick to the traditional savoury pizzas or try this gourmet chocolate pizza recipe. Prepare yourself for some sugar-loaded kids.

choc pizza copy

2. The Camp Out - What kid doesn't love torches, sleeping bags and telling camp stories? Fill the tent with helium balloons to get the giggles going (yes, ten year old boys still giggle like girls). The kids are sure to love the adventure of being outdoors... just make sure your tent can withstand the weather and the wrestling.

camp out copy

3. The Beauty Salon - One for the girls! Set up a mini-salon where the little ladies can enjoy giving each other mani's & pedis. A little prep before the party means that every girl can get her own cute eye mask or beauty set. Otherwise, let them have fun with home-made face masks, cucumber slices for those weary eyes and crazy hair styles.

girl salon copy

4. Get Glamping - if you feel your kids are a little too young for the great outdoors or find your sleep over weather-bound, then why not try glamping? Build one large indoor tent using your household linens, mattresses and throw cushions or if you have the time why not build these amazing teepee tents?

indoor tents copy

5. Race Car Drivers - It's amazing what kids can come up with. Give each child a big moving box, some tape and recycles bits and bobs and instruct them to build their own race car bed/chair. Add some PlayStation racing games or a race-track movie like Cars or Transformers and you'll have a winning sleep over.

boy boxes copy


Just remember, sleep overs really should be called stay awakes... so try not to have a melt down when your 'lights out' plan fails. Tickles, farts, prank phone calls and over-tired laughing fits should be accommodated.

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