The Top 5 Massages for you

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Intimidated by the beauty spa jargon? Here is a simple guide for getting the massage that you are after...

1. Spa massage - the most common of type of massage that promotes circulation, relaxation and stress relief. The masseuse will ask which level of pressure you prefer (light, medium or hectic-pain-oh-I-actualluy-want-medium-now-please). You lie flat on your front while the masseuse uses massage oil and their hands over your back, neck, arms and legs.

2. Thai massage - A more active massage where your body is moved into various postures to promote holistic health. This massage promises to increase energy and stamina through creating better body alignment. It feels similar to a visit to the chiropractor. Your joints will feel looser and your muscles will feel longer.

3. Hot Stone massage - This is a spa massage minus the oil and hands. Large, flat pebbles are warmed in hot water and the therapist uses them as a massage tool to loosen tension. The warmth from the rocks increases blood flow to the area and decreases pain and stiffness. If the therapist gets the temperature and pressure right this massage is heavenly. Make sure to communicate clearly to avoid scalding.

4. Reflexology - The masseuse will massage your feet and your feet only. The theory goes that certain pressure points in your feet correspond with various body systems. Reflexology can be very useful for headaches and digestive ailments. Not for the ticklish or those with foot phobia.

5. Pregnancy massage - Pregnant women share their skeleton with another human being. The close quarters can give rise to all sorts of aches and pains like sciatic nerve impingement and pub symphysis pain. This massage is usually done in side lying and/or sitting and the therapist focuses on the pregnancy hotspots - lower back, glutes, hips and feet. A serious treat for anyone in their third trimester.


What's your top massage and where do you like to get it?

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