The ultimate Easter Egg Hunts

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Parents around the world are waking up super early today to try and implement the best Easter egg hunt that they can. This can be tricky if you have kids that are early risers... or just super excited about a) a treasure hunt and b) the chance to eat an unreasonable amount of sugar. Whilst we can't offer any tips for surviving your kids' post-Easter-egg-rush-all-fall-down-blood-sugar-crash, we can offer some Easter egg hunt inspiration.

Here are the best ideas we could find (and the places you can go to get them quick!):

1. Easter Egg Hunt Clues

easter clue copy

Traditionally, this takes a bit of brain power but there are now sites that have done all the dirty work for you. All you have to do, is choose the clues that suit you, print them out and hide them (in the right order!) Go to The Embellish blog to download more ready-made, gorgeous clues.

2. Jigsaw puzzle piece fun

easter egg puzzles copy

This idea was found on  Parents love it as it combines kids having to do some thinking and can limit the amount of chocolate on offer (not fun in my books). The idea is that you hide jigsaw puzzle pieces in store-bought plastic eggs. Your child has to find the eggs and enough pieces to complete the puzzle to build their clue. They use this clue to track down their basket of Easter eggs.

3. Glow in the dark eggs

glow in the dark eggs copy

Avoid the super-early wake-up call and do your Easter egg hunt at night! Simply place glow-in-the-dark bracelets (available at most party stores and China Towns) and place them in the plastic eggs. Hide them in the garden or around the house if you prefer and let your kids follow the glow to find them. This idea was found on

Scared of the dark? Empower them with a torch or headlamp so everyone has fun.

4. Geocaching

geocaching copyIf your kids are old enough, and there are adults willing to be part of the fun, why not set up your family with a GPS and clues to find some co-ordinates and send them out to find their Easter egg stash? You could do one big stash for the family or give each member their own set of clues. The plus is that you get the house to yourself while they are out searching. For more instructions on how to Geocache go to

Personal disclaimer: These ideas are amazing BUT we will be waiting until our kids are a little bigger so that they can appreciate the effort!


Which idea do you find inspiring? Got any family Easter Egg hunt traditions you can share?



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