The Venda Influence – SA traditional bedding

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The Venda people do not seem to be doing much decorating. No online searches could turn up any bedding trends or tell the tale of any 'fashion forward' Venda stars.

The Venda group originates from a very small tribe that were relegated to being an 'indendent' people and bantustan state during apartheid. Found along the South African and Zimbabwean border, these folk have been dispersed throughout our lovely country since apartheid ended in 1994.

They are known as a mythical people who view art through a spiritual lens. Their clothing, pottery and metal work display a unique artistic style. They are most renowned for the Initiation Dance or Python dance.

python dance copy

python venda dance copyThe purpose of this dance is unclear. Some sources say it was to appease the python god of water whilst others say it served for men to choose a wife. Nowadays, when found in cities, it is purely for theatrical entertainment and has been performed on stages across the globe.

So, Venda people seem to be fans of drumming and dancing? Perhaps you could liven up your bedroom with some beating drums and a python dance or two? Or take part in some sacred ceremonies depending on what you're needing... Fertility? A good harvest? The Venda have a ceremony for all life's transitions.


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