The Weird and Wonderful World of Phobias

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I love learning new things and actually learning what things and situations are called, call me the curious cat. I have a few phobias myself, I'm scared of heights (acrophobia)  and small enclosed spaces (claustrophobia.) They are not extreme fears because even though I have them, I ascend to heights all the time, I only get a pang of fear and try not to look at how high I am. My fear of small spaces is the more prominent one, I don't use the lift if I can avoid it because all I can think about is being stuck in there. This part counts in my favour of course because climbing stairs everywhere works my body out.


This, this is interesting. It is a fear that has to do with cell phones. No it's not the fear of hitting yourself with your cellphone while you text lying face up in bed. This should be a genuine fear because I Naomi-Campbell myself so much (my forehead has the bumps to prove it)  I actually have anxiety about it when I take my phone to bed. Nomophobia is the fear of being without a cell phone. This post says that women are much more likely to suffer from No-Mobile-Phobia... It is also prevalent in the 18 - 24 age group.

I think a more valid phobia would be Oh-Schucks-My-Phone-Is -Last-Season-Phobia. Or RIM-Might-Be-Closing-Phobia.


The fear of missing out might be the reason some people suffer from the above mentioned phobia. An article on World of Psychology suggests  that the reason most young and older people alike, text while driving is because they are afraid that they might be missing out on something important. It goes on to say that we seem to be a generation that simply cannot wait. Instant gratification is everything, so we risk our lives and those of others by texting and driving. We fall asleep with our phones in our hands and logged into a social networking site.

Telephone Phobia

This is a fear of making a phone call or picking up the phone because you think you won't be able to keep the conversation going properly or that you won't have anything to say and the call with dissolve into awkward silence. It's the opposite of the above mentioned fears. A close friend of mine has a rule that he will not speak on the phone, unless it's really important. He needs to know upfront why people are phoning him.

Phew! What are your phobias? Have they kept you from doing anything?

Cheers to the weekend

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