The Working Woman’s Essentials

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When putting this post together I only had to look at my own life, my colleagues and friends. What stood out the most for me is the technology that keeps working women (and society at large) ticking and on top of our to-do lists. That's a bit of a give away to what you can expect in this post: a bit of technology.

1. "If You Look Good, You Feel good"

Every career woman needs that perfect suit! The suit that will stand in for your mother on the days you don't feel great. The kind of suit that will remind you, through an elevator reflection, that you're great, kind and important -- so get in that boardroom and get it done! You need a tailored jacket, crisp white blouse, a well-fitting pair of pants and a pencil skirt.


2. Tablet:

The days of having to lug your computer around from meeting to meeting are fast becoming a thing of the past. The tablet is a lot like a computer just smaller and easier to fit onto a lunch table. Pop into your local computer store and ask the sales assistant about the different options and which are best -- mine has been one of my best decisions. You can also read this article for nine things that make a great tablet computer.


3. Planner

I need my lists and post-it notes to keep track of what I should be doing and what's been done. Each year I buy myself a new moleskin planner, which helps me keep track of the year ahead.  If you aren't as old school as I am and are open to doing your planning on a digital platform then maybe you should try ical or wunderlist.


4. Support

The fact that my family and partner fully support me and understand that my work is an important part of my life is one of the best things about life. Nothing make me want to fulfill my goals more than my man bringing me a cup of tea while I work or my mother saying "I know you can do it." It's the best thing ever.

5. A break

I used to think that breaks were overrated but I can assure you that they're an important part of life and being a corporate climber or domestic goddess or whatever your chosen field. Take time out every now and to and relax; turn the emails off and only use your smartphone to capture memories. Speaking of which... I have a long weekend starting tomorrow and will be taking the boyfriend on a short excursion.

Happy Human Rights Day for tomorrow!

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