The World’s Best Beds (or so they say…)

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Some of us cuddle up each night in our king beds, under crisp white linen and think... "it couldn't get better than this!" We may be right but there is a whole other world of beds out there.

Check out this display of the World's Best Beds (although I still think mine is pretty awesome)!

1. Rock-a-bye baby -Rock baby to sleep in the beautiful outdoors,but beware, for baby will surely fall out this cot and land in those blossoms with a bump.

baby hammock  copy

2. The Zip Bed -Great for keeping a lid on dust and keeping unwanted bed guests out, but imagine the sweat factor. Claustrophic? This is not the bed for you...

zip bed copy

3. Weaver's Nest Bed - Very Zen and uber-cool for 'hanging' out. Personally, I am concerned about navigating this bed in the dark.

hanging bed copy

4. The Ultimate Beach Bed -Sleeping on the beach sounds oh-so-romantic but wait until that exquisite natural beauty gets you... mozzies, rain, wind and sand in your bed anyone? There is a reason we require shelter. Linger in this for sunset and some snuggles but sleep in your villa!

beach bed copy

5. The Actual Nest Bed - This tree clearly lent itself to this transformation. This looks more appealling than sleeping on the beach... but now I am concerned about tree spiders... and ants... and snakes. Eek.

best nest bed copy

6. The Co-Sleeper - Built for pooches, this bed could work just as well for toddlers or very small lovers who small. I don't think our pooch would have the self-discipline to remain in his quarters though... but this is one way to get a better night's rest with your pet.

co-sleep pet copy

7. The Sneaky Sleeper Couch - It's a couch that becomes a bunk bed! No ways... this seems too good to be true... perhaps it is?

sleeper couch bunk bed copy

If you think your bed is the Best Bed Ever please share your pics with us.

Sleep tight!

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