The Zulu Influence

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Last month we explored just how the BaSotho culture is showing up in our bedrooms. This month we explore the Zulu Influence and see how things have evolved and stayed the same over the last 200 years.

The Zulu people are the largest ethnic group in South Africa, making up nearly a quarter of our population. It's no wonder then that Zulu culture and language permeate our society. Hey, even our president is a Zulu! From architecture and design to international fashion... there is an unmistakable Zulu fingerprint.

zulu earphones copyEarphones with Zulu geometric design

zulu apartment copy

Zulu love letter facing brightens up this highrise building in KZN

Leopard print, heavy beading and colourful patterns are often found gracing the catwalks. Zululand is full of neutral grass tones, contrasting primary colours and playful textures.It's not surprising that fashion designers draw on these elements to make eye catching collections.

 zulu fashion copy cari tart 3 copyzulu zebra top copycari tart zulu copy  zulu dress copycari tart zulu 2 copy

To add a little Zulu to your closet, go to Spree; Tobi and AAMAA Couture.

Added any Zulu decor to your home? Please do share.

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