Things I Can do Better in 2013

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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and in one piece after the festive season -- what a season it was! I hope my green braai guide helped those of you who were braaing and that you will continue to use it in future. While I was on my festive break (24th - 2nd) I realised that there are a lot of things I can do better in 2013.

1. Green-Living

We can always do more and we can always do better. This goes beyond recycling for me; I am recommitting myself to the three Rs in their entirety. Over the years I've been keeping up with my recycling and recruiting small businesses in my neighbourhood  and friends to take it on as well. I struggle with refusing; I order things from businesses and they arrive plastic clad and bubble wrapped. Maybe I'll make it a PS that all the things I order need to be packaged in eco-friendly or find closer alternatives that don't need packaging.

2. Sleep Better

I sometimes struggle with my sleeping patterns -- it's an old corporate thing embedded in me. A state of mind that dictates that I cannot go to bed while there's work to be done. As one of the kids said "the work will still be there when you wake up." I need to learn to make peace with what I have not gotten to doing so that when I do go to my Sealy bed I can relax and not stress about what I could be doing instead.

3. Be With Family and Friends

Do it more often, anyway. I love my friends and family but the differing pace of our lives makes it hard to get together, relax and bond. My favourite cousin who came down to visit pointed out that each time she tried to bring the husband, children and grandchild down to visit me I told her I would be working though my work is something in which they could have taken part.

I need to be better at not feeling and acting like what I do is my cause alone.

4. Be Happier

As a person who enjoys getting down and fixing what I think is wrong I have found that I am rarely happy; that there's surely something out there, which I could be fixing instead of being happy. I need to be better at accepting my happy times.

What do you need to do better in 2013?


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