Things I Like About Being a Woman of Leisure

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While the rest of the country is cooling down and leaning toward autumn we've had the most summer-like week imaginable! The kind where the sun is in your eyes at an ungodly hour and the heat has you out of bed before 7AM. As much as I'm ready for autumn's embrace I must say I really enjoyed this past week of fun in the sun.

These are a few things I go to do and enjoyed doing these last few days -- things I wouldn't have done were I gainfully employed. Stay with me...

1. Water sports

On Monday I was babysitting my little nephew. What that means is that I had to pick him up from daycare at one and keep him busy until my sister came back from work or my brother in law came home from the doctor with my other nephew. We pilled out their inflatable pool and played with water for about two hours in the back yard. Walked into the house with prunes for toes and fingers and ate ice pops.

2.  Napping in the breeze

The best naps come after a long day. In my line of (no) work that means after a day of working out, chores and stressing about being unemployed. Yesterday around dusk I made camp on my Sealy bed with all the windows and door open letting in a cool breeze. Woke up two hours later with great ideas and worked on my portfolio for the next two hours. Naps are your friend.

3. Weekday Parties

On Tuesday my friends and I had a second  "dinner party." The host was one of my best  university pals and he opted for breakfast for dinner. 1. He makes the best pancakes, ever! Sorry mum. 2. Breakfast and wine are a winning combination. The party last well into the early hours of the next morning and my lift dropped me home at 1AM. Gainful employment prohibits this.

I've decided to enjoy this period  in my life of too much time on my hands and not enough money in my bank account because I'm certain that once I start working it'll be something to look back on.  I'm also embracing this sudden turn of summer because once it's gone it'll be nine months before I see it again.

Cheers to the weekend!

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