Things To Do in The Dark During Earth Hour Tomorrow

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It's that time again for Earth Hour! Tomorrow night at exactly 8:30PM we are all urged to turn off our lights for an hour in aid of the WWF's campaign against climate change. I wasn't all that excited (would have turned the lights of and played with my niece and nephew by candlelight) until I saw the Earth hour campaign. It's filled with great Ideas and suggestion on what one can do during the hour (or more) with the lights off.

Devised by an advertising agency (Ogilvy & Mather's Cape Town Office) the campaign features a television commercial, print adverts as well as door-to-door packages sent to cool bloggers *clears throat* We'll overlook the last bit for this year...

The creatives behind the campaign described it as "centred around celebrating Earth Hour in a fun and exciting way; making it an initiative that is accessible and something that all South Africans can get involved."

With all these ideas (I'm getting to that, I promise) I can see Earth Hour lasting well beyond the hour. These ideas and actually planning a fun activity to do during the hour will not only help make it more fun and not seem so much like a chore but it can also contribute even more to cause. Because the more fn you have the longer you are to keep the lights off.

Here are a few things do do in the dark during Earth Hour:

See more here.

Now that this campaign has me excited my sister's family and I will be having a lantern (with candles) lit garden dinner with a bit of story time. Sharing stories with my family when the power went off was one of my favourite things to do when I was a kid so we'll see if I still like it.

What are Your plans for Earth Hour?

Cheers to the weekend!


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