Things to do Instead of Unpacking

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Happy Thursday!

I've finally made my way home after a long, eventful, fun and well-deserved break; I had reminders set to go off every two days that said "you deserve this." But after three days of being on holiday I found that I didn't even need the messages to remind me that I deserve the break or to relax and have fun -- the life of leisure and I got on famously. So famous in fact I've been hoping it lasts forever.

In my spirit of prolonging my holiday after getting back home, I found myself doing everything but preparing to get back into the swing of things. If you're also trying to keep the after-glow of your holiday a bit longer do try these fail-safe activities I did to keep me in holiday mode and away from unpacking.


1. Phone your mother

The first order of business after landing in Jo'burg was phoning my mother (and dad) who did not disappoint and kept me on the phone discussing all the details of both my trips! Your mother is the only person who'll be as excited by all the anecdotes of your holidays as you are.

2. Drop off souvenirs

Call all your close friends for brunch to catch up. At said brunch share all your stories (they won't be as excited/impressed by all the details as your mother was.) The gifts will show them that though they were far, they were still on your mind. OK, so maybe you've unpacked one bag because of this activity...

3. Collect presents

Visit your family, best friend and partner to collect your Christmas presents. But if they paid for a portion of your holiday don't expect much of a gift; repeat step two instead.

4. Photographs

After your close loved ones (mentioned in number three) have gone through all the 1001 pictures from your holiday, choose the best ones and upload them to your photo-sharing site of choice; develop a few and frame them.

5. Unpack?

Remember all the lovely shoes and accessories you picked up dirt cheap (because of sales or currency) on holiday? Unpack and display them prominently in your closet. Wear your new shoes around the house the morning you sleep in. Take your new shoes out to lunch and then realise that the holiday is over but you'll still have your shoes, pictures and memories.

It's nice to be back!


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