Things to do on a Seaside Holiday

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Hey there!

This is another one of my scheduled posts. There's nothing I would have loved more than to write to you from my cool holiday but several people in my life convinced me that attempting to do that would be defeating the entire purpose on this holiday so I wrote posts before leaving and left my Mac and iPad at home. As I mentioned several times that my New Year's Eve will be spent on a Durban beach. These are some of the things I'll be doing, which you can also do if you're thinking of holidaying by the sea. Enjoy!

Please remember that I haven't been on a beach holiday with close friends since I was 19, so the 10 days in Durban will be mostly about fulfilling a few of my teenage beach fantasies, which were left unfulfilled all these years.

1. Bonfire Party

This will be the pièce de résistance of this entire holiday. It will be held at the boys' beach house because they real estate agent allocated the the best one! Music, fire and good food and drink from sunset until we can't dance anymore.

2. Learn to Surf

One of my great friends is a surfer and he has vowed to teach me how to stand on the board in the water. Bless him! It might take the whole day but I'm committed to this, it has the potential to be much fun.

3. Sandcstles

I told you I have dreams to fulfill, don't judge me! The Durban beachfront is as famous for its lovely sand creations as it is for its warm and welcoming waters. Hopefully I can pick up a technique or two.

4. Fun Fitness

I'm hoping to be on the sand being active as often as possible. From jogging to playing frisbee and having hula hoop contests with my friends.

5. Relax

Sleep in, go to bed early, read on the hammock and draw messages on the sand. Breaks are essentially about relaxation.


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