10 Things to try when you just can’t fall asleep

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Pure Wow has released a sleep-inducing infographic that highlights 27 things that can be done to help you fall asleep.

What was significant is that most of these things have been featured on our Sealy blog over the years.

Here are 10 sleepiest (and easiest!) things you can do before bedtime (and many helpful links if you want more information about how to apply them):

Try these 10 Sleep Tricks

  1. Make a cup of calming chamomile tea
  2. Be kind to yourself and give yourself the gift of sleep
  3. Use essential oils such as lavender
  4. Try wearing socks to bed
  5. Get your pets out of your bedroom
  6. Write a list of all your worries
  7. Download a mindfulness meditation app such as Calm
  8. Get away from bright lights an hour before bedtime
  9. Try some bedtime yoga routines
  10. Take a warm bath

We would love to hear about your bedroom routine and what is your family’s sleep secret?

If you have a tried and tested sleep remedy that gets your whole family to bed, then please share it with us by adding it to the comments below.

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