Things You Forget

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You may or may not know that I've had a troubled relationship life or the lack thereof was quite troubling, mainly to my mother. Then I met a man a few months ago (it's been 10 months and a bit) who has been a wonderful, lovely gift. I remember when we first started our relationship (people of a certain age* shouldn't use the the term "dating", right?) and I was telling him about an embarrassing time I had one term in high school and his response was "I wish I knew you then."

Awww, right? Except he was a 26-year old man living it up in London at the time... I always wish I knew him then -- he makes a great friend and confidant. In the last 10 months I've had to relearn a few things; things that you tend to forget when you haven't had a good relationship in five years. Or you're OCD about doing everything yourself or your mother was clingy and you rebelled by being independent... Those things.

1. You forget that when your partner phones in the middle of the day to see how you are holding up is because they miss you and wanted to hear your voice. Not because they've found a scenario in which they can say "I told you so" and order you to take vitamins and go back to bed like your mother sometimes does.

2. While you're sleeping, you forget where you are and almost  scream bloody murder when you wake up in a bed that's quite comfortable but is not yours. Then your see a beautiful man's face and you remember...

3. If you haven't been in a relationship in a while you forget that when you're with someone it'll mean leaning. It'll mean picking up their suit from the cleaners on the way to dinner and allowing them to feed your cat because your office is now your temporary home.

4. You forget that you have a key to their place so you phone to say they should hurry because you're waiting outside. They "forget" their favourite t shirt at your house and it becomes your newest favourite item of clothing -- next to your Burberry coat, of course.

5. You try to forget the times you had to be around couples alone -- then you remind each other because you treasure all the speed bumps that led you to where you are.

Sometimes you forget date night; you also forget to put the lid back on the toothpaste. You forget your past and forget a time when their smile wasn't your favourite memory.

These are the things love makes you forget.


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