Thoughts on Giving Back – Things to do on Mandela Day

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As I have always maintained, people are a giving lot and they would do more of it if they had the means: time, resources and information. This is why specific and set out giving days are an important part of every society. Days like Mandela Day, which asks that people show their gratitude for the gift Mr Mandela's given us as a people by using 67 minutes on his birthday to do good for others. For most 67 years are a lifetime.

Some have argued that you don't need to be told to do good if your intentions really are pure, I disagree. How many of us are privileged enough to be able to do good for others everyday be it as part of our job or vocation or be it by choice? Therefore, I believe Mandela Day is a great cause that should be championed. At the end of the day it doesn't bother me, quite frankly, if a person helped make a vegetable patch because their mother, society or peer pressure told them to do it. It's done and that's all that matters. Hopefully they will gradually start to see the good their time (or money) can do, start to find fulfillment in it and begin a new circle of giving.


Here are a few ways you can give on Wednesday, across the country:

  1. In Gauteng: "Leave your shiny suits and stilletos at home and bring your heart and soul, as well as hard hats and overalls to lend a hand in the official opening of TLC Old Age Home."  Help put the finishing touches on this lovely project, The Hammanskraal Home for the elderly, which was born from the passion and kindness of one woman.
  2. In Kwa Zulu Natal: Khulabebuka (Grow while they watch) Secondary school in rural KZN has no lab or library but have attained a 97% pass rate. They have two incomplete classrooms they would love to finish with the help of your 67 minutes. Books, lab equipment, building materials and labour would be appreciated. Contact principal Premilla Deonath
  3. In the Eastern Cape: Visit the Jeffreys Bay recycling project, which has done a lot to encourage children to recycle by giving them tokens for rewards all based on the weight of the recyclables they bring it.
For more information visit the official Mandela Day website


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