Does thread count really count?

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You have your Sealy mattress as a firm foundation and your Sealy mattress protectors and Sealy luxury pillows picked off the Sealy Top of Bed catalogue. You used the last Sealy blog to unravel duvet inner jargon and are happy with the both the size and filling of your new duvet. Your next step? Finding the bedding collection that is going to be best for you!

Sheeting, pillow covers, duvet covers, blankets… after investing in a great mattress and pillows and lovingly wrapping them in luxurious mattress and pillow protectors, you do not want to ruin your sleep experience by topping them off with the wrong bedding.

Today, we look at the concept of 'thread count' and help you see the truth from the jargon.

Does thread count really count?

The answer here is both 'yes' and 'no'.

Thread count is the number of threads that occur in a square inch of fabric. Threads can run horizontally, this is called 'weft', or vertically, this is called 'warp'. A low thread count will mean a thinner, more fragile fabric, whilst a higher thread count could mean you have a fabric that will wash well and last longer. So yes, thread count is important.

However, because most consumers believe that a higher thread count means better quality some fabric manufacturers will 'sneak' in some extra threads to boost the thread count of their product.

Realistically, a fabric can only hold 500 - 600 threads, but some products boast thread counts above the 1000 mark. This will mean that there are probably threads running in between the weft and the warp. Whether, this then adds to the fabrics comfort is debatable.

More relevant than the thread count is probably the content of the fabric- what is each thread actually made from? A lower thread count Egyptian cotton may be far more comfortable than a higher thread count polycotton.

To understand the pros and cons of fabric content go here.

What is not debatable is your experience of the fabric. The best way to buy bedding? Touch it. Rub your face in it. Even better - sleep on it if you can. A store that understands good bedding will allow you to return their product if you are not satisfied with it, even after a bad night's sleep.

Happy bedding hunting!

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