Three great new pillows from Sealy you will never want to leave behind

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The average person spends at least 6 hours per day with their head on their pillow. As they slumber, this pillow can either help or hinder their quality of sleep. A bad pillow can lead to a bad night which can lead to a bad day...

So why not try out one of the latest Sealy pillows designed with your comfort in mind? Whether your pillow is making you hot and sweaty, hurting your neck or harbouring allergy-inducing dust and dust mites, there is a pillow for you.

1. My Memory Pillow is perfect if you require more contact for added neck and spine support. The perforations allow for maximum airflow and prevent build up of any nasties like dustmites.

memory foam pillow copy

2. My CoolSmart Gel Pillow has a unique, thick gel layer that absorbs heat and transmits it away from your head and face. Say goodbye to sweaty nights.

cool smart pillow copy

3. My Gel Pillow combines the perforated memory foam with a gel layer to give you support plus cooling for a great night's sleep. Perfect for thhose who want support plus cooling.

gel pillow copy

To order Sealy products like this one or the Sealy Bamboo Cot Mattress click here.

Want to refresh your pillow? Why not read more about it on our blog post.



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