‘Tis the Season

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You look forward to it all year - vacation! The promise of freedom - freedom from routine, alarm clocks and deadlines. You google, save and count the calendar days to try and stretch out the longest, most wonderful holiday possible. Oh the working world can be cruel. Whether you fit into the hard-earned 'only 15 days a year of annual leave' category or find yourself in the 'self-employed, on leave, but never really not working' category there is much at stake when it comes to going on vacation.

Bad weather, bad bed or bad curry and your dream vacation can quickly become a nightmare. After wishing to be anywhere else but home, you may find you just can't wait to get back. For most, the days of any-bed-will-do are long gone. There is a reason that backpacking; couch surfing and sleeping in a friend's bathtub are quests of the young. Simply put, back ache and muscle strains are not fun holiday companions.

So this month, the Sealy team wants to help you prepare adequately to make sure that, whether you are on a vacation or a stay-cation, you get the rest and relaxation you have been longing for all year. Whether you are heading off for three weeks or a long weekend we know good sleep is a large part of making unforgettable memories and shaking off any accumulated grouchiness.

So drop by for tips on How to take your Sealy on holiday with you; Festive feasting that won't stop you sleeping and How to erase your 2013 sleep debt.

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