To have sex or get some sleep?

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The decision to ‘sleep in’ and get the prescribed 7,5 hours of sleep versus waking up to fit in the essential 30-60 minutes of exercise required each day is a tough one.

There is no clear-cut scientific answer.

The choice is largely personal and dependent on the work you do; the life you lead; the sleep you get and whether the exercise you will be doing is a stressor or stress relief.

However, when it comes to choosing between getting the recommended 7,5 hours of sleep or using up some of that time to have good orgasm-filled sex, the science is clear-

choose sex...

Or even a little kissing and massage and although your sleep duration is reduced, your sleep onset will be faster and your sleep quality will be enhanced.

Sex before bed doesn't only improve your sleep quality, it also improves your quality of life. Regular sex decreases body fat; relieves aches and pains; boosts immune system function; increases feelings of happiness and boosts self-esteem.

The only complication? If you are sleep-deprived and haven't climaxed recently, you are not going to feel like having sex with your loving partner. Instead, you will feel like sleeping!

So, to start this health-promoting activity, you will need to make a commitment to regular love-making until this new pattern of behaviour is your norm.

Things you can do that will make it feel less like a chore in the initial 'training' time?

Romance means different things to different people, but I have never heard anyone complain that their boudoir is just too darn romantic! Why not start by making sure you have a great bed, with a state of the art mattress protector and then layer the romance from there?

It's cold outside so think soft luscious fleece on the bed; a heavy sheep skin on the floor and more pillows than you could ever need to create a sex/sleep haven! Light a fire (or at least a candle) and put on some Barry White if you need to...

Get your hands on some quality bedding - Sealy has an amazing range of mattresses, mattress protectors and pillows!

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